Photo display redux! More! Meta!

Posted by Devin Hayes — 11 Aug 2010

I searched and searched for a good example that shows all the available additions to share as an example, but I can't spend all day getting lost in all the beautifully awesome images.

You'll notice some of the changes are beginning to take place on the photo display pages. We widened the right column to better display relative images and meta data. Consequently, the spotlight images got bigger (and better!). What you're seeing is not the final product of course. Categories will soon grow into their own discovery tool and maps will soon grow into their own exploration tool.

We want everything to have its place. Literally. We want to be able to find inspiration for dinner, things to see in New York .. or maybe things to eat in NY? What if we, camera in hand, could document the world around us for everyone to see, taste and experience. I've never been to India, but the things people have shown me are beautiful and inspiring. Maybe I'll go some day. And maybe I'll have the ability to plot my trip around some of the stunning images I've seen.

As it is at the moment, you should be able to explore people's photos better, theme photos better and visualize where a photo was taken. In the future, you'll be able to browse and find anything you're looking for. Ahh, the future.

As always, your thoughts and suggestions are welcome and appreciated.

PS: Oh my! I almost completely FORGOT! JPG+ members; your upload limits are history. Kaput! Why? Well, the way we see it, the more dedicated a member is, the more valuable they are to the community. They sort of become the "Ambassadors of JPG"; helping new members, encouraging others, sharing resources, fostering artistic growth and creativity all along the way. They support not only JPG the web site, but the entirety of the community with their contributions and participation. We can't thank you ALL enough for being a part of this, but we have to thank our dedicated members just a little bit more. We love you!

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