Flash themes! WTF?

Posted by Devin Hayes — 19 Oct 2010

We're going to be trying a few new things.. Reason "A" is because it sounds like fun, reason "B" is because reason "A" is reason enough!

Es'plain pleaze.
A Flash Theme is a much shorter, ephemeral, "of the moment" type theme created by tagging photos with the Flash Theme topic. We'll be announcing Flash Theme topics on Twitter, Facebook and everywhere else the internet allows photo buffoonery :)

How do I?
Each Flash Theme will have a topic. For instance, this week we're doing "mygreatestfear". When you upload your photo, make sure you add the tag "mygreatestfear" (without quotes). We'll watch the entries and will blog and announce our favorites and pimp the winners!

But I'm not a JPG member?!?
Signup is easy. You can even login with your Facebook account.

For best results:
Connect your JPG account to Twitter and/or Facebook. Even better, if you use Twitter or Facebook on your mobile phone, make sure to enable mobile uploads and you can play on the go!

To summarize:
1) Connect your JPG account to Twitter and/or Facebook (optional, but recommended)
2) Enable mobile uploads. (optional, but recommended)
3) Watch JPG on Twitter and Facebook for Flash Theme announcements!
4) Upload your interpretation of the topic and make sure to tag your photo with the topic so we can find it. Mobile netizens use: [tags:mygreatestfear]
5) Have fun!

Any questions, please feel free to ask!

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