Share your goods on Tumblr!

Posted by Devin Hayes — 5 Oct 2010

We like Tumblr. It's a nifty little micropublishing doodad that helps you rake all the delectable internet crumbs into one perty pile of awesome.

Let it be known! Henceforth! JPG'ers and their JPG'ery can now be easily posted to their tumbling tumblogs with less effort than it takes to tie your shoes! That's crazy.

Peasy dudes and dudettes. Just saunter over to your Account Area, fill in your Tumblr credentials , hit "Save Tumblr Settings" and then select which types of items you'd like to share (All. You want to share all.) and that's it. When uploading, you may need to select the option to share on third party social networks if the majority of services are not enabled.

Talk soon!

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