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Posted by Devin Hayes — 20 Dec 2010

It's better than stuff, actually. In that it won't leave a ring on your coffee table, you don't have to put it in a box when you move and it weighs zero.

Photo licenses
First up is "why". Well, we're here to help you promote your work while giving you FULL control over your work, so in order to achieve both of those things, we (and others) need to know how your work can be used. For instance, if Now Public, Tech Crunch or The New York Times wants to use a smaller, bloggable version of one of your photos for a story on whatever, they'll know exactly whether they can use it and how they can use it. If you do not want your work to be used at all, the default setting is, as it always was, "All Rights Reserved". This is part of a larger effort, but for now, the option is available in your account settings.

Hide your mobile location
Some "smart" phones embed your latitude and longitude in the photo's exif data which, while handy in being able to plot the location the photo was taken, may also, consequently, expose your clandestine location. If you're sitting in your living room taking pictures of all your priceless heirlooms, that might not be so cool. You can now hide this information in your Email Settings

Forecast calls for snow. Yes, even for the Down Under'ers.

Happy Year Endiness! Assuming the year ends everywhere on Dec. 31st and that it's an all inclusive statement that won't offend. Amiright?


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