Head to head photo battles!

Posted by Devin Hayes — 21 Feb 2011

JPG Versus is a head to head photo challenge that allows judges (you!) to select a match winner or call a draw and submit your preference for both or neither.

The more images are rated, the better the comparison matching will be. So, initially, you'll see a lot of matches that may seem uneven, and they are, but as more votes are cast the system will get smarter and smarter and learn which photos are better suited for challenge.

How to:
To vote, just click the image of your choosing or one of the buttons below the image to vote for both or neither.

More than anything, it's just for fun, but it also happens to double as a very interesting discovery tool for some very, very cool imagery.

Have fun! Go play!


More info:

How do I enter?
Upload a photo to JPG! All photos are entered automagically.

What do my votes do?
Right now, they help to pair "challengers". So, a photo with 90% positive votes will be paired against a challenger with 80-100% positive votes. Voting in Versus has nothing to do with themes or Hotness and has no bearing on publication consideration. It's just for fun and provides a neat way to discover great photos and photographers you've probably never encountered.

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