New blog update mailer!

Posted by Devin Hayes — 3 Feb 2011

If you're reading this, maybe it's because you found it in your inbox instead of haphazardly stumbling upon the shallow pit we call "the dev blog" while researching "How to make a rocket stove". That, my friends, is how internet science happens in The Future.

We received 87,537.7 requests to make blog posts more "Vegas" over the years since people had a tendency to pass it up only to later find out they missed something HAHAHA SO FUNNY! and felt like such a doof when everyone else was talking about it while they were left completely out of the loop. Giggleless. Well, NEVER MORE! We'll send 'em to you dude, free of charge, sealed with a robot kiss.

Don't want it? Sniff, sniff. Ok. You can opt out from your email preferences, but I can guarantee you'll be missing out on stuff. Interesting. Stuff.

Bye for now!

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