Twitter AND Twitterific iPhone Uploads!

Posted by Devin Hayes — 3 Feb 2011

Is it ironical (I know, I made it up.) that I completely forgot that I built this until i caught myself tweeting wildly about everything from food items in the local "hot box" to the malodorous stench of my tackle box and wanted to include pictures? Probably not!

What I mean is, if you have an iPhone or whatever space aged device supported by Twitter's official mobile application or Icon Factory's mega-mojo-having Twitterific, you can now use JPG as your primary image service! Which meannnsss, your photo tweets get uploaded to JPG and hecka mega photo sharing ensues! If you just so happen have your JPG account connected to Facebook and the option to share your uploaded photos with your Facebook friends enabled, your photo will be shown there as well! And what about Tumblr? Did you know that if enabled, we'll post it to your Tumblr blog too? Now, that is net-wor-king!

Ok. So how do I?
First, at minimum, you're going to want to connect your JPG account with Twitter and make sure "Update your status when you upload a new photo" is checked.

Then, you'll want to download either Twitter's official mobile application or Twitterific. Personally, I prefer Twitter's official client, but you may want to try them both.

Finally, after you add your Twitter account(s), you'll want to configure your "Custom Image Service".

For Twitter's official client:

  1. Accounts & Settings
  2. Settings (bottom left)
  3. Services
  4. Images Service
  5. Custom
  6. Enter:
  7. Save!

For Twitterific:

  1. New tweet (bottom right)
  2. Click camera icon (on right)
  3. "Change Upload Service" button
  4. Click "Other..."
  5. Enter:
  6. That's it!

That's it! Have fun! We look forward to sharing in your daily photo-adventures!

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