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Posted by Devin Hayes — 1 Mar 2011

Say something.

The Department of JPGLand Buffoonery would like to urge you, the loyal citizenry, to be ultra-vigilant in reporting any suspiciously awesome projects or newsworthy events.

Examples would include any photos of newsworthy events such as: photo collaborations, protests or rallies in progress, history in the making, large storms (Snowpocolypse!), environmental abuses, anything out of the ordinary and worthy of attention.

While we are asking for your eyes and ears to be on high alert, we're not like those other guys. We want to help you tell your stories. Anyone who actually saw "Gasland", the Academy Award nominated documentary, or heard about the Oil & Gas Companies Petition against its nomination, understands the importance of those stories being told.

That said, we all have a very unique opportunity in a very unique era to tell stories as we see them happening. I don't know about you, but I prefer your personal perspectives over those delivered by manicured personalities on the glitter box.

So, if you see something on JPG that you think more people should see or know about, please click the graphic on the lower right of photos (as seen below) or contact us directly!

Say something

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