New and deeper navigation

Posted by Devin Hayes — 23 Mar 2011

ACK! New stuff!

People don't like change. But you know, when you have a 2 lane street, lots of congestion and people late for work, you're out of coffee, etc. There comes a time when you have to widen the road for the betterment of something or other, I forget.

Every time we add a feature our navigation got longer and longer. It was quite literally almost half as long as the page and we still didn't have everything in there. Kinda silly.

So, consider it an upgrade with the unfortunate effect that you'll have to get used to it. I know, I know, it can be "ARRGHH RASSUM FRASSUM!!" initially or maybe it's "OOH LA LA!!" right off the bat. Either way, you'll learn it quick and be zipping around in no time.

I have confidence in your browsing prowess.

Send us thoughts, suggestions and COOKIES!

If the navigation looks scrunchy and yucky, clear your cache and refresh the page a few times.

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