New Photo Contest - Starting Prizes From $50, $75 & $125!

Posted by Justin Case — 14 May 2011

Get your photo(s) in quick! Contests can switch to voting at any time. Enter as many times as you like to increase your chances of winning.

Check the FAQ entries for more information.

The latest JPG Shoot Out is live! May You Live In Interesting Times is about showing us your view of the world we live in today.

As with all JPG Shoot Out contests, the more people who enter, the higher the pot will go!

These contests can shift from "Entries" to "Voting" at any time, so get all your entries in as soon as you can!

Once the contest shifts to voting, the more votes you can drive to your photos, the better chance you have at winning!

We're still drumming up some new ideas for more contests, so keep the entries coming and let us know if you have a great idea for an upcoming Shoot Out!

Don't hold back though, get your entries in as soon as possible. Remember, we will notify you when the contest switches over to voting, but we will not notify you before!

Shoot away!

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