Squash! Take that you bugs.

Posted by Troy Hickok — 13 Jun 2011

Thanks to those of you who reported that newly uploaded/edited photos were getting automatically submitted to a theme, usually the JPG Sightings theme. I'm happy to say that should now be fixed.

It looks like photos uploaded on June 12 and 13 were affected by this problem. If have a photo in the JPG Sightings theme you'd like to remove here is the easiest way:

  1. Log into your account
  2. View the JPG Sightings theme here http://jpgmag.com/themes/2
  3. In the Your Photo box right below the thumbnail of your photo click the Change it? link
  4. Click the big red X Remove to take your photo out of the theme

Also recently fixed... for those of you that use Google Analytics to track your photos and stories, some stories were not getting your tracking code attached to them so they were not geting tracked by Google Analytics. Your tracking code should now be correctly attached to all stories so you should see those tracking in Google Analytics now.

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