You took that WHERE?

Posted by Justin Case — 2 Jun 2011

As many of you have undoubtedly noticed, we've included (on the uploads area) a way for you to indicate where your image was taken. The current capability to select (if you choose to do so) where your image was taken will allow you to show a small map in the right-hand column indicating where the image was taken (if you provide that when you upload the image). This is, of course, elective and, like salt on watermelon, may not seem additive or useful to all users. We've noticed many great photos of landmarks, buildings, famous destinations (and more) where the submitter has taken advantage of this feature and we find it really cool to see where you shot your image!

Of course, many new cameras and nearly all recent smartphones are providing geo capabilities via GPS to provide the lat/long where the image was taken (if you enable those features). We are playing around with ideas and uses for this data, so stay tuned as we twiddle and tweak.

As we continue to experiment and explore both the use and display of geo data, we urge you to add maps to your images... especially if you're photographing a landmark, architecture, a famous destination or other 'where' related images. Show your fellow Jpg'rs where you're finding this cool stuff!

Of course, don't forget that ... along with the 'where' theme ... we're currently running the Where in the World...? JPG Shoot Out contest with a total combined current prize value of $2,500! Make sure to check that out and enter to win!

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