Crazy Crawling Bugs...

Posted by Justin Case — 1 Aug 2011

So, we've received support mail over the last couple of weeks about transient 'bugs' that might disallow your ability to save an image, upload images or use the inline photo editors.

We've been reviewing all the support email and working to try to track down these bugs by first trying to replicate the problem, then identify the cause and - finally - repair the issue.

It's not always quick or easy to track these things down ... especially when the issue appears 'transient' (i.e. doesn't always recur).

Please note that if/when you run into issues that affect your ability to use and enjoy the site, it is always most helpful for us to track down the issues quickly if we can receive from you the following:

  1. What type machine are you using (PC/MAC)?

  2. What operating system are you using?

  3. What version of the operating system (from above)?

  4. What browser are you using?

  5. What version of the browser are you using?

  6. What is your internet connection type (cable modem, DSL, etc.)?

  7. What is your internet connection speed?

  8. Who is your internet service provider?

  9. Do you know what your browser privacy settings are set on?

These are the types of questions we'll ask if you report a 'problem' (bug) and if you can provide these things with your initial report, it will help us track the issue much more quickly. We will take the information you provide and keep trying to squash these little critters as they raise-up their creepy little heads!

That said, in the last week or so, we've 'pushed' fixes to repair the voting 'booth' for the Shoot Out contest, Beginnings; and to fix some login issues using your email address (instead of username). We've also been working on some upload and inline editor issues and will be pushing new updates to the site over the next week.

As we complete these 'tweaks', we've got some BIG new stuff in the works that will make JPG a much better site for the entire community to upload, share, manage and more.

Keep the feedback coming... and...

Stay tuned!

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