Shoot Out Quick Draw!

Posted by Justin Case — 28 Sep 2011

Well... maybe if it was a gunfight, OK... it would be easy to understand, but...

What do we mean by quick draw? Users have let us know that it would be cool if there were a way to more quickly enter their images in the Shoot Out contests. Like... maybe if there were a button, a lot like the Spotlight button that appeared on each image so that you could just enter it into a Shoot Out contest right there!


Now, when browsing through your images, you'll see that you can hit a button above your image (the one that says "Enter Shoot Out") and you can, right there, enter it in any open JPG Shoot Out photo contest! How cool is that? This will, of course, make entering that much easier.

But that's not all... no way - no how! We thought it would be cool to add a little something extra!

When you browse the site, do you ever see an image that is just perfect for one of our Shoot Out photo contests... and maybe you whisper to yourself... "that would be just perfect for the [_____] Shoot Out - I wonder why it's not entered!"?

Well, now - if you come across that image that would make a perfect entry into an open JPG Shoot Out photo contest and you think it should be entered, you can use that cool new "Enter Shoot Out" button above all the images on the site to enter images into any open Shoot Out (that's right, even if it's not your image)!

Now, why would you want to do that? Great question. While you will pay the entry fee for any image that you enter into the Shoot Out, you will get a share of the prize (if it wins one) and the credit for entering it in the Shoot Out. So, let's say you enter someone else's image in a Shoot Out. Just like when you spotlight someone's image, this is another way to give them props for their great work (AND give them, and yourself, a shot at a cash prize). So, when that image is entered, you'll be mentioned, right below the image, as the one who entered it in the contest. IF the image wins a prize in the contest, you'll get 15% of the prize that the image won (the rest, of course, goes to the member that submitted the image originally... that's only fair)!

So, if you fancy yourself a keen photo editor with a great eye for the image that will win, and you're willing to put your money where your eye is, enter-away! If you spend hours on JPG and you wish you had a good reason to tell your spouse why you spend so much time on the site... Now you have one! You can browse images, pick great entries, and win money! In fact, it's a pretty cool way to spend time... browsing through over 2.1 million images and entering great images for a shot to share the cash prize with the member who shot the image...


Now, of course, we realize that SOME photographers won't want others to enter their images in contests (although, with a shot to win the cash prize without footing the entry bill, we can't imagine WHY?!). So... if you'd prefer not to have your images entered into the Shoot Out photo contests by other users, you can opt-out in your profile.

To clear up any questions all of this might raise, you can check out the FAQs, under "Contests".

We're sure this will add some more fun to the JPG Shoot Out photo contests.

As part of this we've also tweaked the login process slightly to try to return you to the page you were on when you hit the login link. That way you don't lose your place on the site when you login.

Also new is the display of your remaining Shoot Out credits in your user profile or a link to add credits you have none.

As always, have fun... be safe... and happy shooting~!

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