JPG Is Looking For A Great Designer/Developer!

Posted by Justin Case — 5 Oct 2011

Are you a user-design rock-star? Do you know someone with unbelievable user-interface chops and the ability to code/develop? Do you know a great developer that lives and breathes user-experience? Do they LOVE photography and photographers? If so, send them our way!

We're working away on lots of cool stuff for the site and our awesome community and we're looking for help to bring some of these great new features to you even faster!

Specifically, we're looking for someone with amazing skills in:

  • Javascript + jquery

  • CSS 3

  • HTML 5

  • Php

The perfect person or team will be able to design AND develop AND deploy.

If you are this person (or team) or if you know this person (or team), use this email:!

What are you waiting for?!?!?!

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