Photo Editor Fixes, NSFW filter updates

Posted by Troy Hickok — 2 Nov 2011

If you are a JPG+ member and were having problems getting the basic and advanced photo editors to load some of your images for editing, fear not we've found the issue and it should be working consistently again.

Also fixed is a problem were the photo may appear squashed or stretched after saving the image. This was occurring only if you did an operation in the editor that changed the dimensions of the image, such as rotate or crop. The actual dimensions of the image were then out of sync with the dimensions we used when displaying the image on the site.

Note that if your large image on the site still looks stretched after saving, that is caused by the original image still being cached in our CDN (Content Delivery Network) and it will fix itself once the new image has made its way out to all the servers in the network. Just be patient and check it again, it can take up to an hour for the image to get updated on all the servers.

We've also fixed an issue with the NSFW filter where some images that were flagged as NSFW were not being filtered correctly in the contest entry block in the right sidebar on photo pages. All photos flagged as NSFW should now show as filtered there if you have enabled your filter.

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