Site Upgrade and a New Feature For the Holidays

Posted by Justin Case — 25 Dec 2011

Welp we have new and improved (upgraded) speed-enhancing, service-improving technical stuffity (basically, like adding more hamsters under the hood) as a holiday gift. Most things should be working correctly but as always there were a few glitches (grumble, grumble) that cause some serious lack of sleep.

We'll have to iron out these issues over the coming days. Currently there is an issue with the photo editor, its refusing to load the original photo. The other issue is the email upload if you use that for mobile photo uploads. The photos are currently not getting uploaded.

Now for the new feature... you'll notice a new box on the the photo page with all the photos counts along with new like/dislike buttons. This is the first cut at this feature so give us some feedback on it.

A few things to note. You can optionally give a prop when you like a photo which gets entered into the comments. If you want to dislike a photo we are currently requiring you to leave a comment in an effort to prevent drive-by dislikes. The comments left show up as regular comments and you can of course remove them or block the commenter if necessary.

Lastly if you want to reverse your like or dislike back to neutral, just click the button again to remove the like or dislike.

Happy holidays & Enjoy!

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