New Year's Resolutions!

Posted by Justin Case — 10 Jan 2012

As you may have noted, over the Christmas/New-Year holiday week, we made a big move and upgrade on our servers and systems. Along with this change, we launched a few new features around the site.

As is often the case, with big change, comes a few headaches. Our weekly email newsletter and blog digest have been suspended while we build a new and more scalable and stable system for those email distributions. Additionally, mobile email uploads have been 'broken' while we enhance some elements there that were affected by our upgrade. Several users have also pointed out a few other elements that didn't fare so well in the upgrade.

In addition to a few broken items mentioned above that needed our TLC, we're re-working some of our photo storage and organization so that we can unveil a few things in the new year...

Which brings us to our "New Year's Resolutions"!

As we've evaluated JPG and its direction after we made the difficult decision to discontinue the print magazine, we have spent considerable time and attention focused on the community and what we can do to improve the interactions, tools, utility and overall look/feel and continue to make JPG the best place for our community to share, discover, discuss and more.

So... what does all this mean?

Well, after a few of the remaining bugs are worked out, we're going to be completing some of the elements of our upgrade that will allow us to do more (lots more). We're adding core functionality that will allow you to better organize and manage your images, take advantage more easily of themes, challenges and contests and more easily interact with users and great images around the site. You'll be able to feature your images, have the opportunity to earn revenue and more.

At the same time, we'll be simplifying a lot. Navigation and options will be streamlined and .... (drumroll...) we'll be introducing a new and enhanced interface that will truly celebrate your amazing work.

As you can imagine, we've got lots to do... There will be some noise and some dust. There may be some banging and screaming. Despite all that, we're excited to share our new plans for JPG with you and hope you'll love all the great stuff we're working on!

Happy New Year!

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