New Photo Toolbar and Hide Photo Feature

Posted by Troy Hickok — 9 Mar 2012

New Stuff - WooHoo!


We've added a photo toolbar under your photos when you view your own photos. The new toolbar shows in the large thumbnail view when you're in your profile and under the photo on the photo detail page. All photo manipulation has been moved into this toolbar to make it easier to find.

You'll now find "edit" in this new toolbar with a sub-menu for setting the photo properties and, for JPG+ members, the basic and advanced editors. Delete has been moved to the toolbar as well so you no longer have to edit a photo to find delete.

JPG+ members can also access the download function from the toolbar as well as the new hide feature.

If you're wondering what the "+" is for... well, it doesn't do anything yet.  But we got some more stuff in store. We'll be doing some cool new stuff on this bar (and beyond) that you'll want to keep your eye on in the coming weeks.  We can't tell you all about it yet or, well, we'd have to... you know...dispatch you to a frozen tundra somewhere north of Minsk.

New stuff part deux... Double WooHoo!


JPG+ members have a new feature that allows you to hide photos from view, essentially making a photo private until you decide to unhide it making it visible to others again. This feature is available in the new photo toolbar (see the above), look for the hide/unhide icon (like so):


When a photo is hidden, it will show up under your "Hidden" tab when you view your own profile page. Other users do not see this tab. Hidden photos are removed from all other views. This includes your profile, the photos page, all themes, challenges and contests, etc. (so make sure that you don't hide an image that is entered in a theme, challenge or contest that you want to remain in that theme, challenge or contest). Also you will be the only one able to view the photo detail page by clicking through on one of your hidden photos in the hidden tab.

This feature allows you to remove photos from view that you don't want shown but you don't want to delete either. While the image is hidden, all information about votes, views, likes, etc. is kept intact, so... should you decide to unhide the photo again it will be restored to view with the same counts as it had prior to being hidden.

Now... "why", might you ask, would one want to hide their photo?  Well, maybe you want to upload some images to JPG for safekeeping (but you don't want them viewed, commented, liked, etc.). Maybe you want those images accessible to you while you're traveling out of the country so you can show your rich uncle Steve, who you're hoping will sponsor your 'round the world photo documentary project on the fruit fly.  There's lots of reasons why a person would/could/should use it... some we're sure we've not even thought of yet, so as you think of those reasons...make sure you USE IT!


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