More Collection Goodness

Posted by Troy Hickok — 11 Jun 2012

Just installed a few more collection goodies.


We thought there could be a few more little bits that might make the collections feature more useful and fun.

Collections are a great way to wander through the site, looking for the best and keeping them handy for the future... have fun exploring!

Photo Collection Count

The number of collections a photo is contained in is now shown on the photo display page as well as in your profile in large thumbnail view. Clicking on the count will show you all of the public collections that the photo is in. The count is displayed up under the title of the photo as shown here:


Set Collection Thumbnail

When you add the first photo to a collection it automatically becomes the thumbnail for the collection. Once you've added additional photos to the collection you can now set which photo in the collection is used as the thumbnail image.

To change the thumbnail image, login and view the contents of your collection. Roll over the image you want to use as the thumbnail and then click the set thumbnail icon in the bar at the bottom of the image. See the circled area below.


Just a few little 'knits' to make collections more fun and useful.  Already, users are finding great ways to use collections to group their own photos and images of others.  What can you do with collections?

Can't wait to find out!

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