EXIF Enhancement!

Posted by Justin Case — 3 Jul 2012

As several of you have noticed, we have substantially expanded the EXIF display on photo detail pages.

Many users have asked if we could expand this functionality, as there is a lot to be learned from seeing an image and then the equipment, settings and flash used to capture the image.

...ask and ye shall receive...

When you go to photo detail pages, you'll now see the expanded data (IF the data accompanied the image when it was uploaded.


If the EXIF does not accompany the digital image (if it's been stripped in your editing/post process), that field will be blank. Otherwise, whatever we get and that we can decipher, we'll display. In some cases, the data will be missing, corrupt, partially corrupt or otherwise indecipherable. You might notice that some images have a date that they were taken (with a digital camera) that dates back to ... say... 1969. Obviously, that's a little 'wonky' (technical term, we understand). The reason is that the field comes back with a default value that sneaks past our validations.

We will, of course, be working on improving and tweaking this to make sure that we catch most of the 'wonkiness'.

Another change you might notice is that we've combined display of the Categories and Tags. They are now in the same display area, under the EXIF display.

Thumbnail image for cat-tags.png
When users add categories or tags to their images, they will appear in this area. If no Categories or Tags are added by the user, these areas will be blank.
Thumbnail image for cat-tags-1.png
We do encourage and appreciate when users add those little 'helpers', as it also helps us continue to enhance and evolve our search capabilities, which are very important as we're on our way, quickly, to 2.5 million amazing images!

cat-tags-2.pngIf you want to enable other users to add tags to your images, you can also do that (that's enabled in the image preferences for the image and can be changed at any time).

We hope you'll love the new changes.  Lots more on the way, so stay tuned!

As always, we love your feedback and suggestions, so keep 'em coming!

Happy 4th to y'all!

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