The story of a new house

Witch House by Ioana Caravan

Maybe all the houses have a story preceding their construction. The story may include the owners, the land, the architecture or the neighbors.

My story begins with the “Witches House” as I have seen it the next day I arrived in Canada, in Dorval, 25 years ago. My son who was 8 gave it the name. It was hard not to see the house as it was standing proudly right across the most popular place in Dorval, Pine Beach Park. All the celebrations used to be held in Pine Beach Park: Canada Day, Quebec Day, Movie in the park, music nights under the stars, etc.

As all the new people in Dorval I have asked how come this house is empty and still standing in between such beautiful properties on Lakeshore Road.

I found out that the land was sold some years ago with a clause: the house could not be demolished and nothing could be built on the land as soon as an old woman was still alive. I saw then somewhere in the back, hidden by the bushes, a little cabin, just enough for one person and the old woman was living in it.

It was in 2013 when I have noticed that the property was cleaned and all the bushes disappeared and my first thought was that my neighbor died. I was sad and then disappointed because the next day when I passed by, the old house wasn’t there anymore, a part of Dorval’s history was gone!

Then the constructions started and I could witness the whole process of building a house that I’m thinking it was planned for years in every little detail. And they took their time. If in 1992, my first year in Canada I was amazed about how fast a new space for a chain store was built (just a couple of months), for the new house it was different. It took more that two years to be finished.

You can see in my photos some phases of the making of the huge new house on Lakeshore Road and also a most recent photo that shows the fantastic work that was done.