3rd Place Finalist in JPG Best Of Photo Contest

Graeme head over heels in Dandelions by Danielle Vennard

Congrats to Danielle Vennard!  Danielle’s photo is our 3rd place winner in JPG’s Best Of Photo Contest.  Danielle’s photo features her son Graeme, who at the time was only 2 years old.  The photo op took place beside Danielle’s house in an open community space where her son and dogs often run and play.

“That particular spring was a warm spring.  Graeme was dressed in shorts and a shirt, which is an unusual wardrobe for the month of April, especially close to dusk.  The association who takes care of the free space never paid for any treatment on the grass so that particular spring it was completely filled with dandelions.

Danielle took advantage of the opportunity to photography the precious moment of her son running and playing in the field.

Best Of Contest Finalist and Recipient of $1135

Graeme head over heels in Dandelions by Danielle Vennard
Graeme head over heels in Dandelions by Danielle Vennard


“He ended up plopping back after I suppose needing a break from chasing the pups around so he just leaned back and put his feet straight in the air.  I happened to be low as I usually am when photographing kids and the sun was just setting behind him. I knew it was going to be a perfect night to get some priceless images of him so to say it was a lucky moment would be a stretch.  The funny thing is that field has never had the dandelions come up so fiercely as they did that spring.  I look for them every year and of course now that I have two kid, I would love a chance to add another set of tiny feet in the air next to her brother’s.

Danielle Vennard is a professional wedding photographer based out of Pennsylvania serving clients in Delaware, Maryland and around the United States.  Danielle specializes in documentary style wedding photojournalism.  For more work by Danielle visit Danielle Vennard Photography, where she has a blog featuring her most current and favorite photo experiences!


Inspired by Danielle’s photo of her son we wanted to feature more fantastic photos of kids submitted to the contest.  Enjoy!