A fire broke out in a two story structure – Vinita Oklahoma

#7 (story) Vanita Oklahoma Residential/Commercial building fire by teresa Bice

I was driving home from Oklahoma and saw a large plume of smoke off to the side of the highway. I exited and followed the smoke with my camera in hand.

When I first got there, the whole building was intact and the fire was still contained on the upper floor where the apartments are. Commercial businesses are below on street level.

After the fire burned awhile….everyone suddenly heard a loud boom and glass shattering! That’s when a thing called Flashover happened. When the fire reaches over 1100 degrees F. Everything in the room burst into flames and windows instantly blow out. That happened to this building. All the bottom windows exploded at once and the whole lower floor of the building. was instantly engulfed with fire. The fire department does not want to be in a structure. when flashover happens.

After the upper floor burnt its wood structure completely and heated the mortar and bricks super hot, the brick upper floor wall collapsed out into the street. Do you see where the crowd of citizens is located? That’s where it fell. Luckily no debris landed on anyone and all were safe. The fire department taped off the area after that and moved all people away to a safe area.

Eventually the building. gave way to the fire after a couple hours of burning and all that was left was a smoking shell. No one was injured in this fire and an investigation was under way to find the cause.

I shot about a thousand great photos of the fire and officials fighting it and it was very difficult to pick only a few. But here they are.

Don’t forget to test your smoke detectors once a month and if needed replace the batteries! Please call your local firehouse to get info on how many and placement of smoke detectors for your home or business.  The pros know.