A Tearful Yawn

Yawning Baby by Jennifer Longo

Beginning early in the morning, continuing though a tiring day and into night, creatures all over the globe are opening wide for a tearful yawn.  From early risers to twilight chasers, it’s quite hard to escape this contagious act of yawning.   What is a yawn, exactly, and why do so many creatures do it?  Besides being tired, some say that it is due to the lack of oxygen from shallow breathing, although there really isn’t much proof supporting this theory.  Another theory that seems to make a lot of sense, is boredom.  Did it seem that, in school, there were times you sleepwalked through your day, drifting from one yawn quickly to nodding off and waking up in your own drool? Yuck!  Ok, Ok.  Enough of the gross stuff.  Yawning can be funny, too.  Have you ever tried the experiment of infectious yawning?   Well, this tiring trick is pretty cool and good for a laugh or two!  For this trick, all you will need is a group of people and one person to be the initial trigger yawner and then let the fun begin!

Hope these images don’t make you yawn!


Oh my goodness, it is hard to look at these images without a big yawn!  Time for a nap!  It is your turn to capture moments of boredom, sleepiness and the act of yawning!


Don’t bore us to death, make this challenge fun!

Post your sleepy yawning photos here.