... by Jillian Xenia

Capturing an image with emotion, beauty, vulnerability and strength, all in one shot, might seem a bit daunting, but sometimes, just choosing the right pose is all you need to catch the eye of the viewer.

The human form is fun and an engaging subject, but occasionally poses or stances can get static, stale and boring.  Taking a step back to view your subject from all angles and sides may help your creative response while taking photos.  But if you’re unable to create that dynamic photo, perhaps adding a little twist or bend may be just what your photo needs.  Creating a shape in the subject’s body creates a tension in the frame, making the eyes of the audience bounce from one corner to the next.

Check out these great contorted JPG shots!


Bending, twisting and dancing are all great movements that are perfect to capture.  It’s fun to experiment with different poses and angles to capture that one great image!   Do you have some great examples of bending or twisting in a shot?  Well, upload those images to share, so that we all can enjoy your fun and energetic shots!  Need a little help with finding more dynamic poses or ideas?  Check out Photography Posing 101 over at Creative Live for more amazing photography hints, tricks and tools.

If you have any photos that feature some bending, twisting or dancing post your favorite here!