Best of April 2017

Touchdown by Lynn Pepper

Four months into the year and we’re starting to beg for hotter weather and summer fun.  April made some of us feel down at times; cold, wet and windy, isn’t the best barbecue or hiking weather.  So many of us in April turned to the pages of our favorite novels or buried our ears in Miles Davis or Charlie Parker, music so in tune with the pitter-pat of rain against the window pain.  Although April sometimes can be a chilly month, it can also be relaxing, refreshing and with all the rain, keep many back yards green and needing of a mow.  When the finally sun peeked around the clouds, all bets were off and the playing commenced.

Spring can be hard with all the rain, allergies and fickle weather, but, it can be a great time too. April and May are great months to do some spring cleaning, plant some flowers or do some gardening.  We here at JPG think getting out and photographing the world in it’s awakening state is pretty cool!  Take a look at our April 2017 shots below and start enjoying your Spring!


Now that April is over, it is time to start capturing May!  Yes, May is kinda like April, but, hopefully a little warmer.  This month is a great opprotunity to get out and shoot events like graduation, Mothers Day and so much more!  So take advantage of the world around you and have fun capturing it all!


May is Here!