Best of August 2015

A Lone in the woods by Erik Berg-Johansen

Here we are, landed right into the first week of September and, if you’re like us, you may by scratching your head about how fast August flew by…  How did it become September so fast?  In the Northern Hemisphere, August marks the last month of summer, and to some this is a very hard truth.  However, while the snow bunnies await winter’s arrival in the north, it is just ending in the Southern Hemisphere.  So as you can see, the entire world is transitioning into a new season!  So take a look below and see how some of us spent our last month in summer (or winter, as the case may be)!

Our amazing JPG members show us, that no matter what the weather is, BEAUTIFUL shots prevail!  Check them out below!


Now that it is officially fall (or spring, in some cases), don’t let September pass you by!  Get out and capture the world around you and upload to share!  Who knows, your image(s) may even be featured in Best of September 2015.  Get an early start and follow along, start a September collection of your own to share!

It is time to FALL (or SPRING) into September!