Best of January 2017

My Digital Pencil by Franz Malalis

A full month has already passed in 2017 and, according to WebMD, 64% of us are still making good on our New Year resolutions.  So we’re hoping that your New Year is anything but ordinary and that you stick to your goals.  We also hope that one of those goals, is more photography!  Practice makes perfect and practicing photography….well that’s a pretty fun goal to perfect!

Every month we peruse JPG in search of the Best of” images.  These are photos that catch our attention as well as the praise of the community of photographers here at JPG.  We love seeing all the places our members have traveled to and the lengths they go to capture the complete shot.  Each photo, whether it’s an ordinary object, man’s best friend, or the sunset across a distant land, these images tell a story as well as showcase the heart and soul of photography.

Here are some of the Best of January 2017 images, enjoy!

Wow!  Nice job well done!  We cannot wait to see what is captured in February!  Upload and share all your favorite February shots for the chance to be featured in next months best of!!!

“When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.”       ― Ansel Adams