Best of June 2017

Foxy Lady by Lynn Pepper

One question needs to be answered… “what happened to June?”  Were there fewer days in June this year?  That’s a pretty absurd question to ask, but last month rolled in, quick like a storm, then gone in a flash.   Now, we’re all faced with the fact that we have less than six months until the end of the year.  How did this happen?  Well, as far as we can see, time flew by because we were having fun!  You know the saying… time flies when your having fun!   Here at JPG, we know that all the time put into photography, is time well spent.  And by the looks of it, June was chock-full of great days and epic captures.  Talk about a fun way to spend the day, here at JPG we get to spend hours looking through your amazing shots!  It’s a pretty sweet gig, we know it and we’re so very happy that our JPG members upload fantastic images everyday.  So here are our picks for the best of June 2017!


The uploaded images from June were amazing!  Can you top the gallery above with your July shots?  We are very excited to see!