Best of March 2017

Aster by Roberto Pagani

Wowza!  March flew right by. One could say we “marched right through it!”  It feels amazing to finally dust off the flip-flops and hang up the winter jacket.  Spring seems to be peeking around the corner, teasing us with warmer and longer days.  Between rainy wet days, the sun beams though warming the cool breeze, beckoning us to stay out just a little longer.  Aw..spring, it’s time, what are you waiting for.

But, before we completely say goodbye to March, lets recap on how great it was!  There were so many things and events to capture in the month of March.  Like Rio De Janeiro Carnival, Holi Colour Festival and International Women’s Day to name a few.  From landscape to still life, there were plenty of great images captured by our JPG members.  It seems that many of the images were taken outside, with the sky so blue and inviting.  All these beautiful images made us want to bear the cold and go for a hike.

Take a look at these great March images below!


March was so lovely and we are sure April will be too!  Don’t forget to upload your favorite images of this month and we may just feature yours  in the Best of April 2017!


Can’t Wait to See What You Spring on Us!