Butterfly Kisses

Painted Lady butterfly, Bee and Asters by Andrea Petersen

Summer is always a fun time of the year, watching everything come to life right outside your door.  Birds are singing, ducklings are splashing and children are playing.  Everything feels so alive in the warmth of the sun and serene on a summer’s eve.  Within patches of summer-tide flowers, butterflies can be seen sucking the sweet nectar of life from the colorful blooms. Did you know that there are an estimated 20,000 different kinds of butterflies fluttering around and most of them are herbivores?  That’s an abundance of intricate and colorful patterns to watch out for!  Butterflies are a very interesting insect. Take the Monarch Butterfly for instance, they travel over 4000 km to lay their eggs and then the next generation makes the trek back, how incredible is that!?!

Check out these amazing butterfly shots below!



It is definitely a spectator sport to watch children and puppies chasing butterflies, pouncing and fluttering to a summer song.  Now it is your turn to catch the butterfly bug and capture them with your camera!  Make sure you upload your favorite shots to share!


Can’t wait to see your butterfly effects!