Carpe Noctem

Creating a galaxy above. by Andrew Hara

How quiet the world seems beneath a star lit sky.  Where dreams can be wished and swept up in a whirl of stardust and your imagination can be set free and fears smothered by the blanket of night.  The universe is vast and our fate rests among the stars.  It’s terrifying not to know what is out there in space, but, fascinating none the less.  Are we alone, drifting in our planetary circle, never to be found?  Or is there something more?  Extraterrestrial?  GOD?

It is in our nature, as humans, to get caught up and take everything for granted.  Our intentions for the most part are good, but it’s all too easy to breath in our own existence and ignore the whole universe around us.  It doesn’t help that we are in a perpetual practice of fight or flee, protesting each day that welcomes us.

It’s time to shut off the buzzing sound of the television, quiet the frenzy of media that we have allowed to shape us and take a deep breath.  We need to step outside and enjoy our existence.  Who knows how long we have here and how many days we have left to cherish our loved ones.  Let’s not take so much for granted and remember all the little things in life that make it so special.

Our universe is right outside our door and ready to be captured!  Grab some friends, a thermos of hot tea, and enjoy the stars!  Who knows maybe you will discover the meaning of life!

Take a look at all the stars of the Milky Way captured by our JPG Photographers


Such gorgeous night skies!  If you can’t sleep, make the most of it and capture the stars!  It is your turn to show us your galaxy shot!

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