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Mama is Watching by Pam Lennard


So, here is a random question for today.  What do you think of when you hear the word ‘cow’?  Be warned, this is not the normal polling question.  I asked a few of my co-workers what came to their minds when they first thought of the mammal, and their responses varied, from funny to cute.  Some shouted “milk” right out of the gate, while others chimed in with “delicious!”  One of my co-workers stated that cows were her favorite mammal, “they are just so cute and helpless” and “when you bring them hay, they trot happily over.”   I asked her if she enjoyed tipping cows too and she jokingly scowled my direction, “no that’s not funny.”

Cows are not stupid.  There have been many studies that suggest that cows have a great memory, have emotional sensitivity and remarkable cognitive abilities.  Cows also are very social and can even remember individual cows that surround them.  That seems pretty cool for a mammal that has been dismissed as a slow, brainless being.

But, sincerely though, if we did not consume cows, how would our lives be, or how would our world differ from how it is today?  If humans decided not to breed cows to consume or to be milked, would there be less polluted waters from farm run offs, could it cut down on greenhouse gas emissions and would there be fewer acres of rain forests being destroyed for grazing lands?  These are all great questions.  These questions don’t even cover the health benefits or consequences of eliminating beef from our diets.  So if we extended “Meatless Monday’s” to everyday, would cows even exist?  Probably.

This is not a post to convince anyone to stop buying or eating their beloved meat product, but, to increase awareness on how we live and perhaps to change the reputation of the cow; that this mammal is not stupid and was not just put on earth for humans to consume.

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