City Built Like a Puzzle

puzzle city by Sam cai

Do you like puzzles?  How about building blocks?  Remember as a kid, being completely frustrated  putting a puzzle together, but ecstatic and full of pride when it was done.  What about stacking blocks, taller than your toddler body, only to knock them down with the biggest crash!  Aw, those were the days!  However, as kids were we really appreciating the way things came together?  Were we understanding the beauty of building our little towers before we knocked them down?  Perhaps not, but as adults, we can take a step back to view and admire the beauty of buildings and cities built as puzzles.

Wondering through endless alleys, chasing your shadow through empty corridors or joining the crowds, rushing through intersections, may all be ways to enjoy a city.  However, there are other views to take in. Take a step back, or a hike up a mountain and enjoy your city from a gazer’s point of view.  Witnessing how the corridors and angles fit perfectly to make one big puzzle, a complete story.

Here our some of our puzzling JPG shots!


If you find yourself in the city, pick a spot to capture it, not as a bunch of random structures, but as a full city,  with all its parts fitting together as one big urban puzzle.  Have you found more pieces to the puzzle?   Create your own collection of cities that look like puzzles to share with all of us!

It’s quite puzzling


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