Contemporary Nativity in Naples

barber by Andrea Gamba

There is a city across the Mediterranean sea which keeps the authenticity as intrinsic value and unsellable identity. This city is Naples.

I happened to be in Naples the New Year’s eve 2012. Despite the prudent recommendations that friends and relatives gave me before the departure, I was looking forward to interacting with people who share my mother tongue and my Italian identity. Therefore I took the chance to go myself into the street life as soon as I was free of my luggage.

The impact with the city is superb and a bit bizarre. Citizens of the popular districts (Quartieri Spagnoli) live life in a frenetic and restless activity although the high rate of unemployment. Motorcycles are the only transportation allowed in the bedlam of narrow alleys as the urban structure belongs to the XVI century.

Everywhere you go the smells, the noises and the works recount a page of history that will never fade away. In Naples habits, traditions and customs are the real treasure a tourist would hardly find elsewhere.