More Than Sun and Sand

Cracked by Ryan Notch

Taking a drive through the desert is a must.  Explore different ecosystems and the array of landscapes that unfold with every turn.  The desert seems desolate and oppressive in the fever of the day, with heat waves dancing upon the floor of the horizon. Azure skies are tricky like a fox, beckoning you to take a hike among the dunes and cacti.  But beware, of the sun and praying birds that circle in the air; the desert will seek out its prey and sting like a scorpion, sucking you dry.   At the end of the day, the sun sinks behind the cooling dunes and the stars come out, bright they shine, like a million beacons comforting you in the silence of night.

The desert is full of photographic opportunities, from the wildlife, flora and fauna to the red sand dunes.  Make sure you stock your cooler with enough water and have a full tank of gas, because, not being prepared could cost you your life!

Take a look at these HOT desert pics from our JPG members!


Saying these images are hot is an understatement, these shots are scorching!  Now it is your turn to turn up the heat.  Go explore the desert and share all your amazing images here at JPG!!


Hope you can quench our thirst with your epic shots!!