Waiting to Wed by Holly Bollinger

The energy in a great outdoor shot is immeasurable.  The sun beams with such confidence, cascading and bathing everything in light.  Life bounces from an image when it showcases a vibrant light source.  Even when the light is artificial and created in a studio, a perfectly lit subject hums with dynamic percussion for the viewer to delight in.

Light is very important to an image, without it, well there would be nothing to capture. But, then again, to much light can hinder the amount of detail that is captured in the shot.  In photography class, it’s taught to have a good hood for your lens and try not point your camera at the light source, otherwise pesky light orbs will be present in the shot.  What are these little light blobs and rings?  Ghosts.  Kidding!

Actually these tiny spots are from the light bouncing around in the body of the camera, reflecting off all the components and even dust or hair particles that also may be trapped inside.  Lens flare is not for everyone, but, it seems that it is becoming more and more popular with today’s photographers and cinematographers.  So popular in fact, that sometimes the lens flare is created in the post processing.

Check out these great examples of flare and you can decide if your a fan or not!


There seems to be a lot of rules in photography, especially for beginners.   But, we say go ahead and experiment, because the act of photography is one of inner adventure, quietness, tension, and creative genius.  We say “go into the light!”

Do you like a little flare?


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