Floral Beauty

garden beauty by Saroj Swain


The natural beauty of the flowers has always attracted every human being across the world. India has a varied climate starting from temperate to tropical, where we find a wide range of flowers of various colors and shapes. About 15,000 flowers are seen in India. The sacred beautiful lotus is the National Flower of India. The North-East -India has the profuse growth of orchids and many other winter flowers. Most of the flowers of India are used for several purposes such as decoration, medical and spiritual purposes. The scented flowers of India add charm to the natural beauty of the country. Rose, Jasmine, Mary-gold, Dahlia, Orchid, Lotus etc are some of the popular flowers of India.

Somebody rightly said, “flowers don’t think of competing with other flowers next to them. They just bloom…  for all of us.” Let’s be happy to see the beauty of flowers captured last season.