Graphic Approach

Mondrian/newly painted asphalt/crosswalk by Lori D'Ambrosio

 As a photographer, have you ever been approached and questioned about what was in your viewfinder?  Are you asked “why would you capture that?”

Photography can be complex, just like anything in life.  Worrying about the right light, composition, subject matter, and even the best lens can be challenging for some.  Maybe it’s time to take a break and just focus on the lines.  Lines are seen everywhere.  From painted buildings, sidewalks, and stairwells.  It may seem silly to point and shoot at a crosswalk or geometric shapes on a wall, but, you may surprise yourself on how easy and gratifying, capturing lines can be.

Graphic designers, artists, and photographers all have something in common and it’s all about lines.  These are useful for creating tension, excitement or even stillness in a shot.  Picture a nice ocean horizon and immediately you feel calm.  This is because horizontal lines are flat and mimic the natural horizon; they are also a nice way to break up the page.  With horizontal planes our eyes don’t jump around in an image, which creates a restful and peaceful capture.  Want something a bit more powerful?  Try a vertical line.  Vertical lines, like horizontal, are a very useful tool to divide the planes in your shot, like the rule of thirds.  However, unlike the peaceful horizontal line, vertical lines tend to show more of a dominant presence, like a towering building.  Now, let’s add a little excitement by adding diagonal, zigzag, curved and the S curve to the lineup.  These lines make the eyes go crazy in a shot!  Diagonal and zigzag lines prove to be more energetic and can make an image livelier while curves show beauty and elegance, like a winding flowing river or a tasteful nude.

As you can see, getting back to the basics, can really improve the quality of your images.  Take a look at these cool images below that walk the line, by taking a graphic approach.



Now it is your turn to get back to the basics!  Take a walk around your neighborhood and photograph all the different lines!  Make sure you upload your favorites to share.


Can’t wait to see your lines!