Hawaiian Reggae

Honu Sunrise by Lorenzo Menendez

Beyond the flicker of the tiki torches, the darkness foreboding, waits among the vast and ambiguous body of water; apprehensive footsteps cautiously approach the edge of the crashing swell, only to be washed out to sea. As the sun rises from the Pacific, light appears in the distance; blazing oranges and luminous pinks fuse, welcoming dawn in the Hawaiian sky.  Ancient Polynesian stories can be heard in the whispering palm trees, only to be carried out to sea, by the calming fragrant breeze.

Grab some flip-flops, sunscreen and a board, we’re in Hawaii!  Turn up the island vibes and hang loose.   There is much to explore on the islands of Hawaii.  Did you know that you can experience the desert and the rain forest in the same day, or snowboard Mauna Kea Volcano and then surf the cool waves of the Pacific?  Get lost in bamboo forests,  ATV through landscapes that have been featured in movies like Jurassic Park, Hunger Games and many more.  Take a relaxing stroll through a grove of rainbow eucalyptus trees. Or take a hike through the lush green mountains, surrounded many types of ferns and trees like Koa, Sea Hibiscus, mango and even avocado. Don’t forget to stop and smell the tropical flowers before plunging under a rocky waterfall.  Hawaii can be everything you want it to be and much more!

Take a look at these breathtaking images below and start planning your next get away to a sun soaked Hawaiian Island now!


Paradise is awaiting you!  Next time your visiting the Hawaiian Islands capture as much as you can and upload to share here.