Historic Monument Avenue

Historic Monument Ave. by Linda Houghton

What city do you live in? What neighborhood?

Richmond, Virginia – What they call the “Monument District” some refer to it as the “Fan”

What are some adjectives that describe your neighborhood?

Scenic – Historic – Noisy

How long have you lived there, and what brought you there?

6 years in the Museum District. I have lived in many parts of Richmond – I was born here.

What is your favorite thing about this place? Your least favorite?

My favorite is being able to walk and ride bikes all around.
My least favorite – Parking!! I don’t do well with street parking. Thank goodness I have a garage!

Do you feel that you belong there?

Yes sometimes & No sometimes – but since I have a place in the country too, it seems to work.

What is the most common misconception about where you live?

That you have to be rich to live on Monument Ave. Maybe for those who have the million dollar homes you might…

What is a special fact about your city that you have to live there to know?

I don’t know but I am sure there are many. Peanuts, Smithfield Hams and maybe our new baseball team “The flying squirrels”! I know that Richmond is a great place to shoot photography with its many beautiful parks, rivers and historical places all around.

What aspect of your city do you secretly love?

Memories – It’s been Home since I was born and it has fascinated me to see the changes that have taken place over the many years.