Holga Park

Shadow ride by Del Green

Our local amusement park opened for the season a few weeks ago. My wife and daughter love the place. Me, not so much. I don’t do rides anymore. The fact that you need a bank loan to take your family leaves me a little bitter as well. They had purchased their season tickets months ago and were headed out the door when I asked, “Mind if I tag along.” They were stunned. I thought I’d grab a couple of cameras, follow them around, and try to keep up.

I just finished constructing what I lovingly call my “Frankenholga.” It’s a Holga 120N with the shutter and lens removed and replaced with a Holgamods pinhole shutter. Trying to hand hold it for eight-second exposures was not going to be easy. There was no way I was dragging around a tripod. I thought I might get one or two decent images. I strapped the pinhole around my neck, and put my Holga GTLR on a sling over my shoulder. I then proceeded to cover the two cameras with an oversized white shirt in an attempt to look less “geeky”. It didn’t work. Let’s face it. I’m a six foot two bald man with two plastic toy cameras wearing a big white shirt at an amusement park. I’m a geek. I did get a few compliments on my gear from the staff and a patron or two. I think they were just checking to see if security was needed.

I followed my lovely girls around at a safe distance. No need to arouse suspicion. They wouldn’t want anyone to know that the strange analog man was with them. I try not to embarrass them whenever possible. So at the end of the day, I was out of film, my feet hurt, and I was very broke. They had a wonderful time! Me, not so much.