Hurricane Aftermath

American Stock Exchange - Hurricane Sandy by Rodrigo Melgarejo

Hurricane Sandy October 30th, 2012

While on a trip to NYC, my plans were derailed when Hurricane Sandy was announced to hit the day I was suppose to fly out. With my flight cancelled until the following Friday. I spent the day Sandy hit laying on the couch at my friend’s place watching the chaos from the comfort of my laptop. The next day, I decided to see the damage myself. I started my journey just before 11am from Ridgewood headed to Battery Park. With no buses or trains running, my only option was to walk. It took about 4 hours to reach Trinity Church and from there I began shooting any devastation I could find.

The subways were flooded, the city had come to a stop. The city workers pumped the water out of the sewers and tunnels.

Water surges had consumed most of the streets throughout Lower Manhattan causing extensive damage. Doors were pushed in by the massive pressure of the water, cars were tossed around and some had evidence of rust from being submerged all night. Garbage was strewn throughout the streets and eventually spilled into the rivers.

I reached as far north as 34th with 5th Ave. and back down to Madison Square Park by the time night fell.

As they strolled through the streets, back to their homes or out of the city, people walked in groups for safety. Police officers would sporadically be seen with their lights on, illuminating the crosswalks for pedestrians.

The bridges were jammed as residents tried to escape the city and into the boroughs where the damage was minimal. When I finally reached the Brooklyn Bridge, I could only see half of the bridge’s lights on, the half towards Brooklyn while the Manhattan side remained dark. I arrived home later that night after my 8 1/2 hour walk.