Imagination Games

Sand Castle Days by Angie Babbit

Remember the good ole’ days of umbrella flights and sloppy dirty mud pies?  When did we get so grown up, that we forgot how to pretend?  As a child, my mind was full of wild stories and secrets that I liked to share with my imaginary friend, yet, to this day I can’t remember her name.  On rainy days I used to take an umbrella out and jump off picnic tables, in hopes of the wind scooping me up and taking me to a distant land, much like the one in The Never Ending Story.”  But, now when it rains I prefer to stay inside with a book or a classic rom-com movie. On occasion when I was lucky, I was invited by my younger sister and brother, to help them gather sticks, acorns, grass and of course slimy mud for their famous mud pie soup with a worm on top.  Oh how we had fun!  Nowadays though, it seems like a hassle to play in the mud and too much laundry as a result.

It’s easy to forget the fun in make-believe, when reality is checking in with you everyday.  It’s only when you’re surrounded by children pretending, do you even become nostalgic for your own play time.  Well, its time to take a break from boring reality and have a moment of make-believe.  So roll up your sleeves and get dirty!

This is how JPG shows you incredible imagination!


Now it is your turn!  Grab your kids or your nieces and nephews and go on an adventure!   Treasure hunts are always fun, or digging to China, that never gets old.  Rainy day?  No problem!  Kids love playing house, cooking plastic biscuits in a cardboard kitchen is always fun.  Or dress up and put on a fashion show.  Imagination games are always the best of times!

Ready, Get Set…. Pretend!

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