Inside the Largest Tribal Gathering in the World

Tribal Gathering Papua New Guinea by Fabien Astre


One of the best experiences you can have while traveling in Papua New Guinea is witnessing the largest tribal gathering in the world. The event is located in the highlands, in the town of Goroka. Thousands of people from all over the country proudly participate in this opportunity to revive their tribal cultures.

Men and women representing over one hundred different tribes come together and perform extraordinary displays of singsings – traditional songs, dances and ritual performances. Every tribe contributes to the dazzling array of color and energy that showcases the diversity of the island.

Birds of Paradise are featured heavily in the festival, as their feathers have always played an important role in the Papuan culture. Decorative head gear, ceremonial dress, and traditional skirts all incorporate Bird of Paradise plumage and feathers. Singsing have also been influenced by the birds, reflecting their behavior in the wild and representing beauty and seduction for the tribes.