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Photographer Jimmy Chin on Mastering the Art of Chill

How can one man from Minnesota be so talented!  Read more on Jimmy Chin’s humble beginnings of a straight A student living in Mankato, MN to becoming a skilled skier and a “climbing dirtbag” to eventually stepping behind the camera to give us a extraordinary view of his world, in this National Geographic interview.

I’m an optimistic person. I’m someone who likes to call out other people’s strengths. I think there are a lot of meaningful stories that come out of expeditions because they represent the positive sides of humanity. Perseverance. Overcoming challenges. Teamwork. Trust. These are the things I feel and appreciate.


A Tale of Two Moons: Peter Lik’s Photographs Called Out by Science

 Being called out by most of the photographic community is no way to start the day!  Peter Lik’s image “A Tale of Two Moons” has been called out as a fake.  While getting creative with your images should never be a bad thing, lying about it does raise some questions.  Read further to see how Fstoppers used science reasoning and deduction to determine how real or fake this image truly is.


in celebrity news

Brooklyn Beckham ‘to quit his photography course after one term’

 Brooklyn has made the headlines for being a quitter… maybe.  But, quitting is not always a bad thing, is it?  It’s an age old question, “should you go to school to follow your passion in photography?”  Many amazing photographers started as apprentices or interned before making it big on their own.  Photography doesn’t have a distinct path to follow, especially one that will yield definitive success.  So we wish Brooklyn luck on his photographic journey, whatever path he chooses.


Yeah… We didn’t think Kim’s name would pop up in our news feed either!  But, she probably is a record breaking photo specialist when it comes to the art of “Selfies.”  It’s a family business and they tend to start young and daughter North is no exception.  Kim’s latest half naked selfie is drawing a lot of criticism and out cries for the welfare of her daughter North.  Is it OK for a little girl to take sultry pictures of her half dressed mother?  Or is North just being taught early about the art of photographic composition.  As many of you know, composition is very important!


Something strange

Controversy over selfie taken with severed heads

A Yale graduate dental program has made the news for a daring selfie featuring decapitated heads. While “Heads Will Roll” by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs is playing on an endless loop in our minds, we still question, WHY?  This seems truly gruesome and very disrespectful to the friends and families of the selfless individuals that donated there bodies to science.  Shame on you! 

Beautifully designed, unique and lightweight this 4×5 large format camera sounds like a futuristic dream right?  Well, wake up, it’s here and this camera’s name is Chroma!

Chroma is a brand new large format technical field camera, designed from the ground up to meet the needs of photographers of all experience levels. It is built from high quality acrylic in a variety of colours, using highly accurate laser cutting to ensure consistent build quality and performance.

 Give your biceps a break and back this photography project on Kickstarter, you only have 29 more days to get this done!


Light is a game changer when it comes to photography and film.  So up your game with a lightweight, brighter and smaller lighting option.  Anthem One has big promises that deliver!

Lights!  Camera!  Action! 

This project has 18 days to go!




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