K&F Concept Aluminum Tripod

A few months ago, K&F Concept offered to send me one of their consumer grade tripods to review. Of course, I  happily accepted! After two weeks of field testing, I was overall very pleased with the product. In this article, I’ll share my findings and the pros and cons of the K&F Concept Aluminum Tripod.

At first, I was intrigued by the company themselves. Before they reached out, I had never heard of K&F. After doing a little more research on their products, and talking to some of my photographer friends who had used some of their products, I became convinced this tripod would be a quality piece of gear and not some cheap hunk of metal. After all, for a price of only eighty bucks, that’s a valid fear to have in the world of tripods.

Here are the specs:

• Brand: K&F Concept KF-TM2515
• Color: Black
• Material: Magnesium Aluminum Alloy
• Net Weight: 2027g(head included)
• Sections: 5
• Head Type: Ball Head
• Features: Foldable, Detachable monopod
• Head Material: Die-casting metal
• Applicable Brand: Nikon/Sony/Pentax/Canon
• Applicable Model: All
• Max Tube Diameter: 25MM
• Max Height: 1520MM
• Height without Central Axis: 1220MM
• Min Height: 390MM
• Load Capacity: 8KG



After receiving the tripod I was immediately impressed with the overall design and construction. The legs feel sturdy, the center post is solid, and I was confident that the plate and locking system would keep my camera securely in place, even if I was shooting in portrait orientation. The locking system for the legs also allows for an extended range of movement, which was a feature I enjoyed.

Ball Head
Ball Head

The ball head of the tripod was actually much nicer and smoother than expected. Usually on cheaper tripods, the ball can get stuck and/or be a little sticky when rotating; however, this one worked wonderfully. I also appreciated that K&F added a small level bubble so you can fine-tune your shot and make sure the horizon line is level. This can help take out a step in post processing later.

Leg Locks
Leg Locks

The leg locks were another feature I also enjoyed. The tripod I was using previously had an extremely limited range of motion whereas on this one, the locks allow you to virtually flatten the legs. The simple press-to-release system is quick and efficient which is something we photographers are always looking for.



Unfortunately, there were a few things that needed improvement on this tripod. Now, granted, they are minor flaws and can be easily overlooked and outshined by all of the Pros this tripod has. The first thing I wasn’t psyched about was the leg extenders. As you can see below they are obviously plastic, and with the rest of the tripod being made of high-grade aluminum, they feel cheap.

Leg extenders and feet
Leg extenders and feet

Another thing I didn’t like was the feet of the tripod. While the rubber feels high quality, It’s very smooth and slippery with no grip. A lot of the time when I’m using my tripod it’s on the ice, slippery river rocks, or other low friction surfaces. These feet pose a slight problem for that type of work.





Other than the minor flaws in the extenders and feet, I absolutely loved this tripod! It compacts small enough to travel with, the hight is awesome, and the construction is top-notch. For the price its hard to beat, and if you’re looking for an inexpensive quality tripod the K&F Concept Aluminum Tripod is the way to go.