Mirror, Mirror

Mirror Image by Jeanette LeBlanc

Mirrors seem like a simple object at first glance, but these reflective surfaces may have powers. It’s not just a shiny surface to look into when you have food in your teeth or to make sure your eyeliner is on straight.  Mirrors have some profound physical and physiological power.  Have you ever stood in front of the mirror right before a big interview or a date? Trying to psych yourself up, repeating power mantras over and over till you fill the rush of confidence or completely freak yourself out?  Yeah, we thought so… but we’ve done it too.   On the flip side, sometimes looking in the mirror and not liking what you see, can have a very negative outcome.  Mirrors can magnify physical insecurities that propel eating disorders to be so dangerous.

Beyond our psychological projections, mirrors have been featured in superstitions, religions and even horror films.  Have you ever broken a mirror and thought, “oh my goodness, seven years of bad luck!”  Well you can thank the Romans for the superstition of a broken mirror.  And what about all those horror movies about mirrors?  They are down right scary!  Bloody Mary is real, right?   Also, in the Jewish religion it is customary to cover mirrors during Shivah, the seven day mourning period after someone passes.  This is so that soul of the person that has died, does not get trapped inside of a mirror.  As you can see, mirrors are steeped in magic and can be found in many stories.

Taking a photo with a mirror is a great and unique way to take a portrait of someone or yourself.  Depending on light, angle and mood, there are so many ways to tell a story within a photograph, while using a mirror.  Take a look at these amazing reflective images below!

Now it’s your turn!  Get a mirror and start taking pictures!  See what you can come up with for cool and unique portrait shots and share them with all of us here at JPG!


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