Now departing!

Is it by design or because most of us are traveling alone that sitting in a crowded airport you can feel like you are alone on your journey.

We depart, we arrive, we rush, we stand in line and we wait. 


to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), there are approximately 7,000
airplanes over the U.S.A at any one time.  That means at any given time
there are a lot of us coming and going through airports around the country..


a recent layover in Phoenix, as I sat alone, I noticed that although the
terminal was crowded it seemed very isolated.  Is it by design or because
most of us are traveling alone, that sitting in a crowded airport can make you
feel like you are alone on your journey?

Departure by Cathaleen Curtiss

others feel the same way?  As I made photos of the giant bank of windows
with planes taking off and landing outside, I wondered, how many other
contributors on JPG had done the same?  So after uploading my photo from
my phone remotely (BTW it is so easy to do!! If you have not done so – try it!),
I took advantage of the airport Wi-Fi and started to look at others airport

can’t think of a better way to pass the time while waiting for a delayed flight
than going through all the incredible work on JPG and making a collection of
air travel photos.

I am happy to say you all did not disappoint me in my search for departures! There are so many beautiful images of airports, travelers, and terminals.

I am sharing a few of your photos, which are my
favorites. Each one shows the beauty and starkness of air terminals.  Enjoy the journey, now departing.

Porto Airport 2 by Paul Foguenne

There It Goes by Eduardo Valdez

Walk Faster by Rob Padilla

Terminal 3, Beijing Capital Airport by Darrell Chaddock

delayed by brian sparks

San Francisco International Airport by victor maccharoli

young traveler by jean-francois

At the Airport by María Ysabel De Sanctis

airport 2 by Abboretti Massimiliano

Symetries by Bernard Reznicek

airport poetry by Dan Cristian Lavric

The next time you have an extended layover look
around, make some photos and share them with JPG.  We would love to see and share your journey.